Nov 142016

GoPro is an advanced case, document, and process management solution.

This websites is a powerful tool for the marketing team and there partners to present the solution, communicate and provide services for the clients. and Icelandic part



My role in the project
Web design and Graphic design,

WordPress administration.

Worked as employee at GoPro ltd.  in collaboration with the GoPro marketing team

Aug 222013

Bjarni Sv. Guðmundsson is photographer that have the Icelandic Horse for main object.
Being present at the The Icelandic Horse World Championships 2013 in Berlin he needed
a graphic identity to present him self for potential clients.


BJARNI SV. GUÐMUNDSSON equine photography

My role in the project
Design Graphic Identity and water mark
Presentation card

Worked in close collaboration with the Bjarni him self

Dec 112012 is a microsite with the goal to present in elegant and comprehensive way what the GoPro AFIP solution has to offer.
GoPro Advanced Fraud Investigation and Prevention is a case management solution that delivers targeted support for fighting corruption.

My role in the project
Web design, interface and CSS
Video assembling

Worked as employee at GoPro ltd.  in collaboration with the GoPro marketing team

Jun 012012

The real estate agency Miklaborg have added a mobile website to there services.

Here it is possible to use your smart phone to look up what are for sale and define the search to what is near your actual location (in Iceland)

Miklaborg mobile website

My role in the project
Interface design and visual identity.

Worked in collaboration with 1xInternet and Miklaborg sales agents-team

(online until 2015)

Jul 112011

The real estate agency Miklaborg have the big ambition to become the most innovated real estate agency in Iceland.

This is have been done by several factors
1. Nice looking and comprehensive web site
2. Offer there client to virtual visits of apartment and houses
3. Re-build there search engine that generates search result “on-the-fly”
4. Weakly newspaper advertisements that reflect their ambition

Miklaborg front page


Virtual visit and search engine





My role in the project
Web design and visual identity.
Virtual tours, Flash design and development.
Advertisement layout.

Worked in collaboration with Miklaborg sales agents-team

(online until 2014)

May 012010

The Icelandic pianist Vikingur Olafsson uses Flash to bring fun and music into his front page and Word Press to update his content on the web site

By combine those two, a simple and effective solutions where found. We used the RSS feed from the Word Press to bring editable content into the front page animation.



My role in the project

Flash design, animation and devlopement.
Word Press installation and Web Design advices.

Worked in collaboration with Helga Manúsdóttir Graphic Desgner.

(online until 2014)