Nov 142016

GoPro is an advanced case, document, and process management solution.

This websites is a powerful tool for the marketing team and there partners to present the solution, communicate and provide services for the clients. and Icelandic part


My role in the project
Web design and Graphic design,

WordPress administration.

Worked as employee at GoPro ltd.  in collaboration with the GoPro marketing team

May 012010

The Icelandic pianist Vikingur Olafsson uses Flash to bring fun and music into his front page and Word Press to update his content on the web site

By combine those two, a simple and effective solutions where found. We used the RSS feed from the Word Press to bring editable content into the front page animation.



My role in the project

Flash design, animation and devlopement.
Word Press installation and Web Design advices.

Worked in collaboration with Helga Manúsdóttir Graphic Desgner.

(online until 2014)